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Details of the front baffles on the right side:


Front baffles details on top left side:


Right, rear side baffles:


The baffles pieces I got did not fit right in a number of places, this lower, right side aft corner included.  Here I cut off the bottom flange near the cylinder and riveted on a new flange that fit the rear baffle and covered the huge gap I had here.  I'll still need some RTV sealing here, but it worked out ok:


The baffles frustration is nearly over at this point....everything has been fit, including the oil cooler, and here has been removed from the plane and disassembled for painting and riveting before final (I hope) installation.  I used a white, high temp rattle can paint and it looks pretty nice.  I figured the white would show any oil or other stains easiest.  


Baffles:   pg 1   |  pg 2  |  pg 3  |  pg 4

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