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Friday Harbor Trip:  pg 1 PWT-FHR leg | pg 2 on ground in Friday Harbor | pg 3 FHR-PWT leg 


After relocating from the CA Bay area to our new home in the Pacific Northwest, we found ourselves enjoying some spectacular weather.  In July I moved my RV from old home base at RHV in San Jose to my new hangar at the Bremerton airport, PWT, and with the rest of the family and household goods move mostly done, it was time to do a little aerial sightseeing!  My wife is still a reluctant flier but she does enjoy the San Juan Islands and her mom's home town of Friday Harbor is a short half hour RV trip from Bremerton, so off we went on a beautiful 80F day with light winds and not a cloud in sight.  Great lunch trip!  Pictures linked below, broken into 3 pages due to number of photos. 

There are 3 pages to follow on this trip; one for flight out, one for time on the ground in Friday Harbor, and one with flight photos from homebound leg, including some sightseeing along the way.  See links above and below for the trip pictures.

Page 1:  KPWT-KFHR flight leg

1-USCG0C130.jpg (66317 bytes) 2-FridayHarbor.jpg (83884 bytes) 3-FridayHarbor.jpg (103086 bytes) 4-ShawAndOrcasIslands.jpg (53764 bytes) 5-FridayHarbor.jpg (86269 bytes) 6-FridayHarbor.jpg (69843 bytes) 

7-RocheHarbor.jpg (144055 bytes) 8-FHR-DW-Rwy16.jpg (134671 bytes) 9-FHR-DW-Rwy16.jpg (137708 bytes) 10-FHR-DW-Rwy16.jpg (175189 bytes) 12-FHR-Base-Rwy16.jpg (137599 bytes)


Page 2:  Friday Harbor on the ground!

13-FHR-transientParking-Kellie.jpg (100381 bytes) 14-Friday Harbor-lunch.jpg (151109 bytes) 15-FridayHarbor-lunch.jpg (172187 bytes) 16-FridayHarbor-lunch.jpg (194043 bytes) 17-FridayHarbor-lunch.jpg (116093 bytes) 18-FHR-readyForDeparture.jpg (139318 bytes) 


Page 3:  KFHR-KPWT flight leg

19-FHR-dep-LopezIsland.jpg (53251 bytes) 20-FHR-dep-Lopez-Shaw-Orcas-Islands.jpg (52769 bytes) 21-OlympicMountains.jpg (34549 bytes) 22-CruiseShipsRoundingPointWilson.jpg (37432 bytes) 23-CruiseShipCloseUp.jpg (44290 bytes) 24-JeffCoAirport.jpg (79986 bytes) 

25-PoulsboLibertyBay.jpg (82308 bytes) 26-HoodCanalBridge-ViewFromSouth.jpg (55266 bytes) 27-Keyport-WA.jpg (63775 bytes) 28-AgatePassBridge-ClearwaterCasino.jpg (111613 bytes) 29-Seattle.jpg (60801 bytes) 30-BremertonShipyard-PSNS.jpg (75899 bytes) 

31-shortFinal-KPWT.jpg (86303 bytes)

Friday Harbor Trip:  pg 1 PWT-FHR leg | pg 2 on ground in Friday Harbor | pg 3 FHR-PWT leg 



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