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One of the most popular displays at Oshkosh 2009 was the behemoth A380 airliner:


We thought we might beat the lines since we were camped on the field and could be there before the gates opened and crowds arrived, but even showing up "early", we waited in line about an hour to get a (hurried) walk through of the A380.  The following pictures give some idea of the line that just kept growing throughout the day.  The A380 is behind us as we stood in line and took this picture, and yes the line going way out behind the yellow DC-3 is part of the A380 line: 


As you got closer, the A380 line starts to double back and forth like a typical amusement park ride line (or airport security line!!):


While we were waiting, they were loading small amounts of cargo into the belly of this beast:


One of the A380 ground crew asked if I'd like to get a picture of Justin by the A380 landing gear and he let him inside the ropes to get this picture.  Lots of very big wheels:


The interior is still in the flight test configuration with giant water barrels that were/are used to simulate full size passengers:


As a homebuilt airplane builder, I probably found more interest than most in the wiring and riveting details:


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