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Here's one last shot of Lake Tahoe as we fly east, only a little over one hour into the first leg of the trip:


Continuing east, the flight takes us over some pretty desolate areas of high terrain in Nevada:


Here's more of the Nevada mountains as we continue mostly along the I-80 route except for where the Interstate loops north to Winnemucca, NV and back south again; we went direct from Lovelock, NV to Battlemountain, NV where our route pretty much rejoined I-80 through our first fuel stop at Elko, NV and on into the Salt Lake City, UT area:


This is a picture of I-80 through some of the salt flats west of Salt Lake City where I-80 for many, many miles is about as straight as it gets anywhere along the route:


The air was pretty rough across Nevada and into Utah due to the afternoon thermals from the hot (mid-90's F) weather in the mountains, so we stopped in Ogden, Utah north of SLC not because we needed gas, but to recover a little and let the afternoon heat die down some before flying on into Wyoming that evening before it got dark.  The late start due to the CA coastal marine layer not only put us in the bumpy afternoon thermals over the mountains but also kept us from getting as far as we had hoped in the first day.  We spent some of our time in Ogden looking at airport guides trying to pick out the best airport along the route for an overnight stop.  The Rawlins, WY airport showed several hotels within a mile of the airport so we made that our planned stop and took off from Odgen around 5:30 pm headed for Rawlins.  Had to make a circling climb out of Ogden to get enough altitude to clear the tall mountains east of the SLC area; we headed off above one of the narrow canyons and on into Wyoming.  This picture is somewhere along that route east of the SLC area mountains and west of Rawlins, WY:



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