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Palm Springs Trip:  pg 1 RHV-PSP leg | pg 2 on ground in Palm Springs | pg 3 PSP-RHV leg 


With our RV-6A out of the paint shop for all of about a week, Kellie was up for her second "cross-country" flight and first real long distance trip with me in the RV.  Weather forecast looked great from San Jose all the way to Palm Springs and back, so we departed from Reid Hillview (KRHV) airport in San Jose around 0915 on Saturday 12 February 2011, headed for lunch with my parents in Palm Springs.  We arrived about 1130, enjoyed some shopping and lunch with mom and dad in downtown Palm Springs, and took off headed for home around 3:30 pm the same afternoon.  

Nice 80F day in Palm Springs with calm winds at ground level along entire route of flight and fairly light winds at altitude.  Winds aloft forecast said we'd have 5 to 6 kt headwinds on the way out and same for tailwinds on the way home but it didn't quite work out that way....just like the stories about walking to school up hill both ways as kids, we no kidding had headwinds of 12-20 kts all the way to Palm Springs and with wind shifts later in the day ended up with headwinds ranging from 6 to 14 kts on the way home!  Oh well, just added about 20 minutes to (2 hr) no-wind flight time headed south and about 10 minutes to no-wind time on way home.

There are 3 pages to follow on this trip; one for flight out, one for time on the ground in Palm Springs, and one with flight photos for homebound leg.  See links above and below for the trip pictures.

Page 1:  KRHV-KPSP flight leg

ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-002.JPG (58566 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-003.JPG (54837 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-005.JPG (147585 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-010.JPG (42887 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-012.JPG (79580 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-013.JPG (157606 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-016.JPG (109923 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-023.JPG (146234 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-024.JPG (122638 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-027.JPG (151767 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-032.JPG (97104 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-033.JPG (184135 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-034.JPG (193811 bytes)


Page 2:  Palm Springs on the ground!

ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-035.JPG (133383 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-037.JPG (158083 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-039.JPG (123647 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-044.JPG (127959 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-049.JPG (131794 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-056.JPG (121670 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-057.JPG (140433 bytes)


Page 3:  KPSP-KRHV flight leg

ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-060.JPG (191275 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-062.JPG (126198 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-063.JPG (189490 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-065.JPG (185713 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-067.JPG (61071 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-069.JPG (56649 bytes)ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-072.JPG (118987 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-075.JPG (57556 bytes) ChrisKelliePalmSpringsFeb2011(webSize)-078.JPG (46923 bytes)


Palm Springs Trip:  pg 1 RHV-PSP leg | pg 2 on ground in Palm Springs | pg 3 PSP-RHV leg 



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