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After nearly twelve and a half years of construction and more than fourteen years after buying my RV-6A plans, I finally got to the point of starting N731CK's engine for the first time on 24 September, 2008.  With all engine indications looking good after initial first run, we let the engine cool down for inspection and then did a second run with a very short first slow taxi test.  Just a short ride out to the taxi-way to turn around and come back.  Here's a picture as N731CK taxi's towards the runway, moving under power for the first time:


And here we are on the way back to the hangar after first taxi test (engine cowl removed, forward top skin still temporarily attached, not yet riveted, and tail fairing not installed....I guess it's also almost time to remove those foam pad shin protectors from the steps visible behind the main gear under the wings):


Not as exciting as first flight, but feels pretty good to have a good engine run and taxi test complete:


Getting ready to shut down after first taxi test:



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