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Here's a close up photo of the Dynon Electronic Digital Compass (EDC) installation in the tailcone area, centerline, just inside the rear-top bulkhead.  You can see in this photo that the plastic bushing for the trim cable on the right had come out of the bulkhead when it was routed for installation.  I later went back and got that reinstalled to protect the trim cable as it passes through that rear bulkhead. 


This photo shows the EDC installation from a wider viewpoint where you can see the wiring that leads to the EDC.  This wiring comes from the Dynon harness behind the panel.  The temperature probe cable can be seen passing under the EDC box to pass through the rear bulkhead as the temperature probe is mounted under the left horizontal stabilizer.  The static port tubing is seen in this photo on the closest bulkhead and just forward of the second bulkhead back, you can see one of the seat belt anchors:


More of the EDC wiring run between the panel and the EDC:


External view of the EDC mounting in the tailcone area (will not be visible with the fiberglass tail fairing installed):


Close up photo of the Lowrance 2000C GPS mount I made to mount the GPS unit relatively flush in the panel next to the Dynon D-100 EFIS.  The GPS feeds the Dynon and the Trio autopilot:



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Electrical:  pg 1 | pg 2 | pg 3 | pg 4 | pg 5 | pg 6 | pg 7 | pg 8

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